Aussies Get More Leisure Time Than Yanks But Waste It On Grooming

Grooming.jpg If you reckon you're working too many hours, look on the bright side: you could be in China or Nebraska. According to a new Datamonitor survey, Australians get an average of 5.6 hours leisure hours a day — which is higher than China (4.7 hours), the US (5.2 hours) or Europe as a whole (5.5 hours). OK, we get beaten by Germany and the Netherlands, but you can't have everything. More disturbing is the revelation that we're spending an increasing amount of time on personal grooming, since "feeling physically attractive" is cited as a key to wellbeing by almost two-thirds of Aussies. Given my face, I'm glad I'm not in that group.


    Please link to your data source.

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