Adopt A Word To Save It From Extinction

Adopt A Word To Save It From Extinction
Save the Words is a website dedicated to keeping underused English language words in the dictionary. Pick an underused word and pledge to save it from extinction. Lexicographers analyse the frequency of word usage in popular culture and media to decide which new words will go into the dictionary, but they also track the falling popularity of words and opt to remove them. At Save the Words, an initiative of the Oxford English Dictionary, you can browse a wall of rare words, be given a random word, or search for a word to see if it’s in danger of extinction. Once you find a word to your liking, you can pledge to use that word in common usage as often as you can:

“I hereby promise to use this word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the best of my ability.”

Thanks to Save the Words I finally have a proper adjective for a co-worker I had named Shrub Head: frutescent. Need to find companion words for your new vocabulary buddy? Check out our compendium of the best online language tools for word nerds.


  • It’s a great looking website for sure, but the whole adopt a word idea has already been done by a kids charity in the UK – I don’t quite understand the why save the words people have jumped on the bandwagon, except to promote a malaysian dictionary company!! Yours cynically, Phatbuoy

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