Add Links To Safari 4’s Top Sites In Windows

Add Links To Safari 4’s Top Sites In Windows

Safari 4’s Top Sites is a flashy, useful feature, but it’s not exactly intuitive how to manually add a site to it.

As the Tech-Recipes blog points out, one of the easiest ways to bulk-add your links to Top Sites is to create links to each site on the desktop, either by dragging the URL from any browser’s address bar or manually creating them with a right-click New/Shortcut action. Then simply launch Top Sites and drag your desktop bookmarks into the grid. You’ll see the site thumbnail soon, but you won’t see the delete/pin/update notifications while Safari is running this time. Launch Safari again, and all is well. I’ve found that another, semi-easy way is to simply type in the URL of a site into Safari’s address bar while Top Sites is open, and don’t hit enter or head to the site. Then just drag the URL you typed in down into the Top Sites grid, and you’re good to go. Got an easier solution, or another Top Sites hack? Tell us about it in the comments.


  • If I reopen Safari after using either of these strategies to add my own Top Sites, Safari does not save them, even after I “pinned” them to the Top Sites menu. I’m not sure if every computer does this or if It’s just a problem with mine…

  • I having the same problem as Richard. I can drag new sites into the ‘Top Sites’ section. Once the site is in there, all you have to do is click on your newly added site and then go back to the ‘Top Sites’ and click edit, and you should be able to pin the site down. However, when closing Safari and opening it back up, the newly added and pinned down site is missing. So frustrating, as I would like to have my igoogle page pinned and easily accessible. Anyone having any luck with this?

  • Richard and Adam (3/2/09)

    two solutions from poster, “goldfilm,” on an apple forum site:

    I edited TopSites.plist from user/library/Safari

    Then I tried to replace the top site I wanted manually.

    1) I go to the end of the file
    2) I see the following:


    LinkedIn: Home

    3) I replace the string with the title and the string with the URL.
    4) Save the plist and reopen Safari.

    In most of the cases it should work.

    Solution (B)

    If it brings back again the old site because it doesn’t take our modification to the plist, there is another tedious but 100% sure option:

    1) Edit the plist again, go to the beginning of the file. You’ll see a ultra long list of Banned URL Strings. Those are the webpages you were deleting with the X when Top Sites put random webpages from your history.
    2) Delete all the banned except one, then Top Sites will bring all your history one by one next time you delete a Top Site with the X when you’re on “Edit” mode. I’m pretty sure it brings the last one you visited first. Or probably your other top sites, then the last visited.
    3) Now visit the website you’re interested in adding
    4) Edit Top Sites, then it will bring it “non-manually,” then you pin it.

    Kind of long way to do it, but it worked for me. >>

    hope his helps.

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