Add A Google News Feed To Your Web Site With NewsShow

Add A Google News Feed To Your Web Site With NewsShow

Fancy adding a topic-specific headline feed to your blog or site? Google has just added the ability to generate an automatic Google News box (which it brands as a NewsShow), either covering broad topics or specific keywords. If you’re programming-friendly, you can work directly with the News API, but most users will probably just settle for the wizard that automatically creates code to paste into your blog or site template. It’d be nice to see a wider range of formats, but it’s still an easy way to put some topical links on your site.


  • I just launched the last minute news website ( powered by Google News. Registered users can rearrange, deactivate/activate news, choose news edition (e.g. German, Canadian, US, etc.), choose language, etc.

    There is a very simple chat in the right column where visitors may talk about the last minute news they see on the website.

    The news are displayed in individual boxes and each box can be configured to show a custom topic. There are two views available. Grid (default) and list. Members can set their own default view. Registration is free 🙂

    Hope you’ll find this useful.

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