3 Launches Consumer Shared Caps

ThreePhone.jpgAn impending merger with Vodafone apparently hasn't stopped 3 from launching new products. Its latest option has some interesting possibilities if you're a couple (or a gang of swingers) looking to cut call costs: sharing the value of a single cap across two or three people, each with their own number. $79 a month gets you $650 in talk and texts, plus $350 in 3-to-3 calls where you can get all lovey-dovey with each other. For the $109 threesome deal, you get $1,000 in calls and texts and $650 for on-network communication (and we don't want to know the details). But do the maths: if you and your other half aren't heavy phone users, a pair of cheaper caps or pay-as-you-go phones might well be cheaper.


    Data not included? Come on 3.

    Great! Telstra... are you listening??

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