Who Did Win That BRAVIA Z Series LCD TV?

Bravia.jpgWithout further ado, congrats to Lyn, Paul, Matt, Dan, Georgina and Chris, whose extraordinary abilities to fill out a survey have landed them either a BRAVIA LCD TV (onya Chris) or $100 voucher to their choice of retailer.

Of course, we all know the real reason you so generously gave your time to complete our site surveys had absolutely nothing to do with the $4k prize pool and everything to do with helping us grow our precious little blog. So for that, we thank you.


    Congratulations to Lyn, Paul, Matt, Dan, Georgina and/or Chris!
    If you have any more little surveys that have awesome prizes (or even lame prizes) make sure to let us know.

    i vote more lifehacker giveaways!

    And who reckons there's no money in surveys? Lol
    Congratulations to the winners :-)

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