Where Does Your Notebook's Power Really Go?

NotebookPower.jpg A post on Microsoft's Windows 7 blog offers some interesting insight into how power consumption works on a current notebook. As the graph shows, your display consumes almost half of the total power, with the combined efforts of the chipset and processor running a close second. Improving those numbers is one of the targets for Windows 7, though I'm deeply sceptical of the claim that "most systems resume from sleep in less than 2 seconds", improved boot times for the platform notwithstanding. Even with a relatively speedy resume, sleep functionality has also been mixed with some recent Windows notebooks I've owned — many have done a singularly awful job of dealing with attached devices or even reconnecting to networks. But there's always hope, isn't there?


    That only adds up to 90%. The assumption everyone makes is that pie charts show how everything adds up to 100%. These bad charts are so ingrained in everyone's mind that nobody questions them.

    PS. That capcha's so effective, I couldn't even read it.

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