Utility Launcher Loads Multiple Apps From A Single Shortcut

Windows only: If you spend your workday at a computer, you probably have a set of apps you run together to get things done. Utility Launcher creates shortcuts to open them all in a single click. Utility Launcher is a small and free application that allows you to create a list of up to 20 applications. Once you've added every app you want to your list, simply hit Run to begin launching apps from the top of the list down. Utility Launcher shines when you need to launch a laundry list of utilities for routine maintenance, for example, allowing you to zip through your favourite cleaning applications. If you're in the market for a more far-reaching application launcher, make sure to check out the Hive Five Best Application Launchers. Utility Launcher is freeware, Windows only.


    If you want to overcome the application's false limitation and launch more than 20 applications at once (not that I imagine the situation would come up all that often) you can always use a simple batch file. No downloading or installation, just open notepad and away you go!

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