Use Flags To Track Projects In Outlook

OutlookFlags.png Microsoft blogger and engineer Alan Brown offers up a nicely detailed guide to how Outlook's flags feature can be used to track current and future tasks. If email is central to your daily workflow, then flags are a well-designed way of making sure you keep on track, especially since they can have associated deadlines.


    If you really want to drive the use of flags and categories in Outlook 2007, check out Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM) that I've described and documented here:

    It's something Angus Logan, Johann Kruse and myself here at Microsoft came up with for managing a lot of emails and tasks.

    The deal is that if you try PIFEM, and like it you need to tell 3 other people about it (hence the Pay It Forward part). If it is truely useful, it will grow in popularity.

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