Use A Plate Stand For Bedside iPod Touch Viewing

iPodBedsideStand.jpg The iPod Touch (or iPhone if you must) is a great way of catching up on TV and movies while travelling, but if you fancy a little pre-sleep viewing it's a nuisance to hold while you sit up in bed. We've featured the DIY iPod Touch lamp stand before, but that's not a suitable option for taking on the road. You can try resting it against a book or alarm clock, but any movement — such as laughter — tends to make it fall over. My current simple-but-effective solution is to use a plate stand (available in craft or homewares shops for a couple of bucks) to rest the iPod on, which keeps it stable and takes up no room in my travel bag. How do you handle on-road video viewing in miniature? Useful tips are welcome in the comments.


    I just bought an ipod touch and love it, it is my new netbook. The plate stand is brilliant and will be using for an upcoming flight to Darwin. Love ya life hacker.

    And I was just going to buy a big blob of BluTac tonight.
    I think a plate stand will give me a higher WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

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