Start Killer Hides The Start Button In XP, Vista And Windows 7

Previously mentioned Start Killer—the simple utility that frees up taskbar space by removing the Start button—now officially supports hiding the Start button in Vista and unofficially in Windows 7 (I tested it and it seemed to work just fine). Granted, the Start button doesn't eat nearly as much real estate in Windows 7 or Vista as it does XP, but if you always access it by pressing the Windows key anyway, Start Killer performs a nice little tweak that can save you much needed screen real estate. Thanks Rupert!


    Beware, it doesn't work properly on vista (artifacts in task bar) and when you try to uninstall it it doesn't. Have to manually delete it and purge all references from the registry.

    If you're using BBlean on vista or seven, the orb will still show, dispite hiding the taskbar. I use startkiller to fix that issue.

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