Rouxbe Has Seriously Impressive Cooking Videos

Website Rouxbe breaks down high-quality instructional cooking videos into separate steps, teaching the basic skills you need to be a great cook. The website claims to "focus on the food" instead of fancy-pants recipes from famous chefs, and while recipes can be submitted by users, they have to be voted up by the community before they're turned into premium videos. There's also a cooking school section with tips ranging from skinning hazelnuts to butterflying a chicken. What makes these videos impressive is the broken-down, step-by-step nature, letting you skip back and re-watch the detail you need to watch again instead of dragging a slider bar around (which can be difficult with chicken-greased fingers). Watching most of the videos requires a free membership (which gives you a 30-day pass to everything), but you can check out a couple of the videos without signing up. For completely free cooking videos on a wider range of topics, check out the previously mentioned FoodTube.


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