Removing DRM From iTunes Tracks Won't Come Cheap

MichaelJackson.jpg The news that Apple will offer DRM-free tracks and let you convert existing protected music is pretty welcome, but as Nick over at Gizmodo points out, it won't come cheap. Converting existing tracks will cost 50 cents a pop, videos will be $1, and whole albums will cost 30% of the original purchase price. All that sound nastily excessive to us for stuff you've already paid for (and a good reason to break out the CD burner for some cost-free conversion instead). As Nick notes, it's also important to check any future purchases to ensure you don't actually purchase a DRM-hindered track; if that looks like the only option, hanging out until April, when a bunch more tracks will be freed up, seems sensible.


    I'd like to point out that music and videos purchased on the iTunes Store only entitles you to a SINGLE DOWNLOAD. If you want to download that file again, you need to repurchase it.

    So assuming that the fee described here allows you an additional download without DRM, it's actually a decent deal. It's still not as good as a free unlock (or a rip from CD) but it's better than re-purchasing the media for the entire cost.

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