Remove Labels Without Tearing The Box

Stop shredding your cardboard boxes when removing labels. Peel them cleanly off with a razor and a steady hand.

If you reuse boxes with any frequency you know what a hassle having to remove or cover up old labels can be. Clean up the recycled boxes you use for your eBay empire with this simple trick. By tracing lightly around the label with a razor blade you create a score line that contains the tear created by peeling the label. When you peel up the corner of the label to remove it, it will remove some of the cardboard box but only the very top layer of box and only in the rectangle you've created. Now your legions of Pokémon-loving eBay bidders will never know that the boxes that their loot arrives in were originally from Mr. Winky's Wonder Emporium. Thanks Sandra!


    The best way I have found is to use a hairdryer.

    Heat up the label and it will almost always peel easily without taking cardboard with it.
    Heat the label, peel a little, heat some more, peel some more... and so on

    Excellent for removing price tags from presents.

    Be wary though, some labels are thermal, heating them up causes them to blacken. If you wish to retain the label in its original form, don't heat too much

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