Why New Film Valkyrie Makes Goal Setting Look Good

ValkyrieTomCruise.jpgReaders of Lifehacker will understand the importance of persistence and goal setting. For the makers of the new World War II film Valkyrie, out now in cinemas, that may not have always seemed the case- the film was marred by constant controversy since the 2007 casting of Tom Cruise as the lead character.

Written and directed by the team behind cult classic The Usual Suspects, the WWII drama recounts the July 20, 1944 plot by high-ranking German officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Cruise's casting as Claus von Stauffenberg, the leader behind one of the (relatively) more successful and famous attempts on the Fuhrer's life, was quickly disputed both by the German government and von Stauffenberg's family, due to the actor's adherence to Scientology. The filmmakers had difficulty securing filming locations as a result of the furor and, in turn, the release date was pushed six months behind schedule.

However despite the seemingly endless delays, which also included the rejection of the original trailer by test audiences, the end result has been generally well accepted by critics and surprised box office analysts with its US performance over the Christmas break. Described by Nick over at Giz as something between Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbour, Valkyrie not only demonstrates the importance of persistence and planning in the face of criticism, but is an entertaining two hours for war buffs and goal-setters alike.

Hit the jump for the film trailer.


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