Plinky Comes Up With Content For Your Status Updates And Blogs

Plinky.jpg You don't want anyone in your online social network to think you're boring, but it's often hard to come up with updates that are punchy and amusing. Save yourself from being unfollowed on Twitter or abused by your Facebook pals with Plinky. Plinky asks questions (like "name three songs you would put on a road trip mix tape" or "Defend your vice") and then builds them into posts which anyone can view. You can set up Plinky to automatically feed updates to Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of blogging services, including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and LiveJournal. New prompts get supplied each day (and you can suggest future prompts to the service). It's no substitute for real creativity, but we all know there are days when that is in short supply. Plinky is free, requires signup. Thanks Mark J!


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