Organise Your Life With A 3 By 5 File Box

Blogger and Internet marketer Khoa Bui found that using electronic to-do lists and task managers just wasn't getting him the desired results:

I found with personal experience that if I write down the things I want to complete on a digital file on my computer, I only complete maybe 20% of the tasks on the list, or sometimes I even completely ignore the document.

Bui instead adopted a much more old-fashioned method: using a file box with index cards to store and categorise tasks. Check the video for details of his system. Now, I suspect this method isn't for everybody: I much prefer having this kind of thing on my BlackBerry, because then it's always with me and it's easy to back up, and many others work best with a purely online solution like Remember The Milk. But if you like keeping your planning firmly in the physical world, it's a good tactic.


    If you like this, google GTD or see GTD at wikipedia.

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