MLB Supercharges Mouseless Browsing In Firefox

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension Mouseless Browsing (MLB) adds numbers next to clickable elements on any page, allowing you to quickly navigate to any portion of the page from the comfort of your home row. We've mentioned MLB once before, but the latest version adds support for dynamic webapps like Gmail, Google Reader, or Facebook. (Previously if a page was updated without reloading entirely, the new links were not identified by MLB. Now they are.) Aside from support for dynamic apps, MLB has seen several improvements since we first mentioned it. The core functionality remains the same, though: Just type the number of the element you want to jump to, hit enter, and MLB "clicks" on that element. Mouseless Browsing is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.


    Yo guys, thanks SO MUCH For this app. I've had no mouse for awhile, and it has been such a pain to navigate throughout the web by constantly edging the cursor closer with mouse emulator. Now it's just a simple matter of using the up and down arrows to find the right link I want!
    I do have ONE suggestion for you. Make a bind that automatically puts your 'focus' outside of any textbox that you are in. IF this is done, then the program will be AWESOME.

    Thanks again!!!

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