Merlin Mann Takes A Tour Through His Menu Bar

Productivity guru and Mac lover Merlin Mann walks through his favourite Mac menu bar applications, highlighting his favourite time-saving apps. We've actually covered most of the apps Merlin's mentioned at one time or another in the past, including:

  • Path Finder: Lifehacker readers voted Path Finder the best alternative Mac file manager.
  • Google Notifier: Mann has ditched for Gmail, bringing Google Notifier to prominence in his menu bar.
  • Dropbox: The best file syncing tool according to Lifehacker readers, Dropbox handles his file syncing needs (and kicks the crap out of iDisk).
  • Skitch: Grab screenshots, edit and annotate photos, and instantly share them over the web. Skitch is very good. It's also one of Gina's favourite software apps.
  • Hazel: If you're not keen on cleaning and organising your files and folders yourself, just let Hazel take care of the hassle. This app monitors folders of your choosing, then, for example, moves, deletes, or renames any file matching rules you've set up. For more, check out how you can set up a self-cleaning Mac with Hazel. Windows users can use our very own Belvedere.
  • FuzzyClock: For those of us who get stressed out watching every minute tick by, FuzzyClock let's you know about what time it is—for example, "quarter to five."
  • Evernote: You can capture just about anything you need with Evernote, and it syncs to virtually anywhere you need it.

I've only listed my favourites from Merlin's picks, but check out the full video for more.


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