Kogan Still Planning Android Phone

The excitement over the Kogan Agora, a non-network-locked phone running the Google Android operating system, took a serious beating when the original release plan was effectively cancelled. However, as I've reported over at APC, the cancellation of the Agora doesn't mean that Kogan is abandoning Android altogether. As founder Ruslan Kogan explained:

We think we're a few months away from it now. It relies on a lot of external factors, but we're going to work as hard as we can to try and launch an Android phone.

Are you still hanging out for an open Android phone, or will you be happy to wait for the rumoured local Optus launch? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    Obviously the excitement is NOT mounting as Aussies show yet more ho-hum attitude to something new and local. I think Kogan is onto something. (And I like his honesty on pulling the last version - that must have hurt). If the hardware is good and solid I'm hoping Android will look after the software side and with money (rather lack of it) at a premium, if this continues to carry a good price I'd be definitely interested.

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