iTrackMine Manages Your Collections

iTrackMine Manages Your Collections

iTrackMine is a personal collection manager that organizes everything from book and DVD libraries to sporting goods and wine, allowing you to share your collections with friends and family. You can enter items into iTrackMine by their ISBN, UPC, or simple title search. The site supports importing data from other services, like your iTunes collection, library, and Delicious Library. Once you’ve established your collection, you can browse through it, graph the contents, and create wish lists. Loaning and borrowing from friends is easy, and you can track what you’ve loaned and send loan requests. In addition to managing your own collections, you can browse public collections and read reviews of the items you find. The mobile assistant allows you to access your collection and the collections of your friends from your mobile phone. If you search for an item with the mobile assistant, iTrackMine will tell you if you already own it or if a friend has it available for loan—meaning you can avoid buying a new season of House if you see that your friend Simon already owns it. For more management options, check out the battle of the media collection managers. Thanks John!


  • Be prepared to have iTrackmine not recognise any of the barcodes on your items. I couldn’t find a single Region 4 DVD whose barcode was recognised by the site, although it seemed to do a good job with Region 1 DVDs

  • That’s really unfortuante, Richard…

    Do you happen to remember, as I have looked but to no avail, the other media catalogin programs reviewed on lifehacker? And if so, did you have better success with them?

  • I must admit this is the first cataloging program I’d seen that looked like it might suit my purposes. I need something that I can easily share lists with friends and family. I’ve tried ANT Movie Catalog, but it doesn’t quite work for when multiple people want to share their collections with each other.

    I currently manage my DVDs with a slightly-customised version of a PHP/MySQL DVD database by “Global Mega Corp” called DVDdb. I have to enter them all manually, but it means I can access the list from anywhere.

    That said, the second I find something that lets me catalog my books/dvds/etc with a barcode scanner, and I’ll dump DVDdb without hesitation!

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