Is There Any Way To Edit Titles In Your Firefox History?

FFTitles.jpgFirefox 3.0's history of sites via the AwesomeBar is one of its most useful features, save a small design flaw: the title of the page it retains isn't always very accurate. For instance, Google Maps generally shows up with the last address you searched, even though accessing the link gets you the entry page rather than search. Similarly, for quite some time my own blog link had a completely inaccurate title in my Firefox history, giving the name of the ISP that failed to find the connection rather than the blog itself. So far, the only solution I've found is to delete the whole entry (just highlight and hit the Delete key), but that's not very sophisticated, and a real nuisance for fiddly addresses you don't want to re-enter. Is there some hidden method or extension for editing just the page title in your existing history? Share any useful knowledge in the comments.


    Obviously they are stored in a sqlite datebase. There should be a way to modify the records in the db file. AFAIK, there is a addon for firefox which can connect to sqlite db.

    The simplest way to achieve this is by bookmarking - the AwesomeBar also searches your bookmarked sites.
    I know this is a little obvious, but I figure that if the site is important enough to pull up several times from your history (and want to even rename), then perhaps it's worth bookmarking.

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