Is Lenovo's Double-Screen Notebook Genius Or A Rip-Off?

One of the reasons I've always resisted a multiple-monitor setup is that the work habits which result wouldn't translate readily to notebook use and I spend so much time on the road. Lenovo's new dual-screen W700ds notebook (which the company rather pretentiously calls a "mobile workstation") partly overcomes that objection by offering a second slide-out 10.6 inch screen behind the main 17 inch display. Check out the video demonstration above to see how it works. There's some nice features here (including a built-in CF reader and a healthy 5 USB ports), though the weight would be an issue and at $8,199 for the cheapest model, I won't be buying one any time soon. Do you think we'll see more dual-screen notebooks, or is this a very specialised niche?


    $8k? dam. I hope they are the future, but a screen on just one side wouldnt cut it for me.

    That little side screen is just not big enough to do anything useful with. Also, $8k is silly, its twice the 'premium' market price and 4 times the price of a Nice Asus... Ridiculous.

    That is a horrible design

    they are basically what every company does when they release new products.. they already have ideas on the best model, but they hold it back for a couple years, so first they release a silly small version, something still cool and new and give it a huge pricetag... then the triple screen will come out about a 1 year later at the similar price, then competition will set in, and everyone will be bringing out the triple screen, different sizes on the side panels, until all screens are 15" each.. then after about 3-4 years, and the prices will come down.. they will all release the QUAD SCREEN, two pop out the sides and one pops out the top! they will run this for a couple years at high prices, then finally the prices will come down.. from the first side screen to the quad screen we can expect about 7-10 years..
    its the way they make their money...
    personally cut the BS and bring out the QUAD screen now for 4k

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