Hoyts Teams With PayPal For Mobile Movie Tickets

HoytsPayPal.jpgHoyts has paired up with PayPal to offer the ability to book and pay for movie tickets via your (Net-enabled) mobile phone, a potentially convenient option if you don't fancy hitting the Web. Payment can be made either by a standalone credit card or through a full PayPal account. There's a couple of catches — you can only book for movies today or tomorrow, there's a one-dollar booking fee which seems a tad unfair, and you still have to queue at the cinema to get an actual ticket — but it's a handy option if you want to be sure of snagging a seat for a competitive evening session. If you've found the service useful or useless, share your experience in the comments.


    I have used this service several times since it was first introduced but have given up on it for good. As mentioned you still have to line up for the ticket, but for busy sessions there is usually a dedicated line that is shorter. That is the only benefit, and its marginal at best. The surcharge is what turned me off in the end, we use their service that has the potential to lower their costs, and they expect us to pay for the privilige? No thanks.

    I thought I'd try this while in a long line for a movie that I was a couple of minute late for. By the time I had paid my extra $1/ticket, I realised I had to get into a new queue to get my ticket, which ended up taking longer than the queue I was originally in. Sure that's my fault haha, but having to pay extra to line up for the same amount of time seems like a waste to me.
    They have an ATM/ticket pickup machine which, when I was there, had no line. If they were smart enough to utilise that for the pickup of such ticket bookings it might be worthwhile booking online (without the ridiculous surcharge).

    P.S. When I got to the front of the queue the checkout chick didn't know what to do with my paypal confirmation number so I'm guessing it's not very commonly used.

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