How To Get Your Windows 7 Beta Product Key

Reader Digerati offers detailed instructions for getting your Windows 7 beta product key which worked for me (when many of the other tactics people are trying around the Web did not). Here's what you do.

Digerati explains:

Step 1: Log onto []by clicking on "Sign in" in the upper right corner with your Microsoft Passport ID. (i.e.: Hotmail, etc.)

Step 2: Copy (don't CLICK!) one of the links below to the address bar and press Enter.

32-Bit key: [](Copy and Paste!)

64-bit key: [](Copy and Paste!)

Tip: You can use the 64-bit during a 32-bit installation and a 32-bit key during a 64-bit installation. (It seems that getting a 64-bit key is faster!)

Step 3: If you receive an error, just press CTRL+ F5 (non-cache reload) to refresh. (I had to refresh more than 10 times before I received the key), if you're being redirected then you didn't follow the steps 1 and 2 correctly!

If you followed the steps correct you should see your key (depending on your version it could also say Windows 7 Beta 32-bit Product Key).

Thanks, Digerati! This worked for me on the first try. Let us know if that works for you in the comments.


    Both links worked for me first time.

    Thanks guys for the info!

    yay! key for me.

    Awesome! Worked first go for me.

    Thanks Gina.

    which address bar??

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