Gizmodo AU's Editor Streamlines His Organisational Approach

GizmodoLogo.jpgLast November, I wrote about how Nick Broughall, editor of Lifehacker's sibling site Gizmodo, had gotten the organising bug and was using Things, his iPhone and email to keep track of tasks. Of course, half the challenge with any organisational system is maintaining that initial fervour, so I promised we'd get back to Nick and see whether the approach was still working. His verdict? It's going pretty well but the software needs work. As he explains:

My inbox rarely has more than 10 emails in it at a time - I'm continually filing my emails and feeling organised in that department. But I've found Things just doesn't work for me as well as I'd hoped — I think the fact that I need to have a 3rd party program just doesn't sit too well. One of the things I did like about Things was the ability to drag things to the icon in the dock and have it create a new to-do automatically. The problem was that when I did that from emails, I'd need to do it a couple of times before it worked, which was too much effort. So now, I still use Things for stuff I need to do a bit in the future, but I tend to leave the most important and pressing tasks in my inbox.

Ease of use is a critical factor in getting organised, so Nick's lucky he's been able to balance his needs between two programs without too much hassle. But if you're a Mac fiend (like Nick) and think that approach could be refined, let's hear your thoughts in the comments.


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