Supports Charities Via Sponsored Searches

GiveDo.jpg offers an interesting twist on fundraising for charities: it creates customised search pages that use Google to deliver results and advertisements, but with income from people clicking on the advertisements goes directly to the charities. This relies on persuading people to change their default search provider, but that's not a particularly big step for a cause you already support. One potential improvement: for Australian charities, it would be nice for the app to source results from Google Australia (which tends to order results differently), rather than the main Google site. Like previously-mentioned MyPetNeedsLove, the site is a result of the recent StartupCamp Sydney II event.

Comments now features results specific for Australia as per your request, I hope that helps. Thanks very much for the write-up, if anyone reading this has any contact within any charitable organization please forward them to this application. Every little helps.

    Good to hear -- but that change doesn't seem visible in the already existing sites, which still return Google US results.

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