Ghoster Focuses The Active Window To Minimise Distractions

Windows only: Ghoster darkens everything on the screen except the currently focused window, giving you a distraction-free environment to do your work. Ghoster is similar to Adam's Dropcloth or Isolator for Mac, but it also dims the taskbar—arguably the biggest source of distraction with its blinking buttons and system tray notifications. The application's settings are stored in a text file, which makes it a little less user friendly when you want to adjust the settings. There's also no hotkey to turn it on or off, but I've still found it invaluable for my concentration while working. To use, simply launch the application and start working. You can access the configuration file through the tray icon (changing the transparency number to a larger value darkens the screen). Ghoster is free and open source, written in AutoHotkey.


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