Finding The Perfect Notebook Backpack

Backpack.jpgKids are already back to school, and university will be resuming shortly — which means there'll be a lot of people seeking out the ideal backpack for lugging laptops, textbooks and all the rest around. Anthony Caruana's review of five contenders at The Age is a good place to start if you (or one of your offspring) is in the market for a new backpack, though of course there are other options — every second person I see on a plane these days seems to be favouring a notebook bag on wheels. If you've got a piece of notebook luggage that's proven itself in practice, let's hear about it in the comments.


    I have the Crumpler King Single, which I do love. I like a laptop bag to not look like a laptop bag. Just one note though, the Age article mentions a waist strap which the bag does NOT have, the only thing I dislike about it.

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