Eat Meat In Deck-Of-Cards Portions For A Healthier Earth

Reducing your environmental impact by diet doesn't mean having to go entirely vegetarian. If you're intrigued by climate change and "flexitarianism," one meat-loving author says eating 3.1 ounces per day is just about right. In his (long) piece for Audobon Magazine, Mike Tidwell consults with researchers and crunches the numbers to suggest that eating enough meat to make up a deck of cards per day, with only half of it red meat, is an ideal goal for having a real impact. Your ability to get by on that amount, or beliefs in climate change's importance, will certainly vary, but it's a good guideline to use for gradually switching to a less-meat diet. A shorter summation of Tidwell's findings is linked below. Photo by jslander.


    I agree whole heartedly with this.
    I traveled to the states last year and was absolutely horrified with the size of the portions of meat and food in general. Not to mention the fact that a lot of stores whole marketing plan revolved around how giant their meals were rather than how good to food was.

    The part that infuriated me the most was that there seems to be this culture of waste. It was not uncommon to see people order a giant plate of pasta eat 1/4 of it and then leave the rest so they could move on to their giant steak.

    Imagine how much less stress their would be on the environment if people only ordered/ brought the food they would eat?

    I'm sure that Australia has a bit of this problem too and i do think people here could eat less meat but it was nothing compared to the sites i saw over there.

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