Double Up Magazine Files For Easy Moving

MagFiles.jpg If you're shifting house (or even just moving your home office), then it can be a nuisance having to unpack magazines from magazine holders just to ensure their safe transit. Last time I went through that process I just shoved the magazine holders inside file storage boxes complete with contents, but Kyle at IKEA Hacker offers a slightly different solution: buy cheap cardboard magazine holders like Flyt ($3.95 for 5 from IKEA) and use them to hold the magazines in place. That's a neat idea if you use large, more durable holders in the first place (admittedly less so if you're a cheapskate like me who was using Flyt in the first place), and also keeps the dust off.


    If you've got enough ring files in storage at home this would be a wonderful idea, otherwise invest in some boxes! This idea while handy looks like it may fall apart at any minute!

    I don't like how flimsy this method of self storage for files are. You're better off with boxes or pods so it doesn't suddenly come undone.

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