Dodge LAX Security With Free Qantas Bus

Anyone who has ever flown into Los Angeles Airport and then had to change onto a flight back to Australia is familiar with the nuisance of having to go back through uber-strict US airport security to enter Tom Bradley, the terminal which handles international flights. However, while I've done that transition dozens of times, it was only on a recent flight that I realise that there's an alternative for Qantas passengers. If you're flying American Airlines (which comes in to Terminal 4), then there's a free shuttle bus from Gate 44 which connects direct to Bradley without requiring a second security experience. (If you're flying to Brisbane or Melbourne, you may be leaving from Terminal 4 anyway; check the Qantas site for full details.) Flight options are likely to change in the near future as the range of airlines flying to the US expands, but this is still a useful fact to tuck away if you travel to the US for work or pleasure.


    I wish I new this back when I traveled to the US a lot. I once got stuck in a line for 2 hours at one of the terminals waiting for security. Fortunately the plane didn't turn up so I didn't miss it :)

    I suspect it's a fairly new initiative. Up until six months ago, Sydney flights went from T4 while Melbourne and Brisbane were from Bradley. The fact that Bradley no longer has a remote lounge also might mean more buses were free.

    Ahh, thank you Angus. If only I'd read this before going through this last Thursday. Still, will definitely use this next time. Nice one.

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