Do Half-Stars Make It Harder To Manage Your iTunes Collection?

Hacking iTunes to allow half-star ratings might seem cool, but it can also cause problems. The Popjustice blog points out one of the potential flaws:

We've got a smart playlist which selects 8GB of ***** songs and chucks them onto our iPhone, as well as another that selects 3GB of the most recently added ***-and-above songs and puts those on the iPhone too. Every few weeks we have a clearout of stuff with one star. That has been fine. Now we can give things half a star it's all gone horribly wrong and everything's a mess.

While this methodology could be adapted to deal with a wider range of ratings, it does highlight the issues involved when you're trying to select the best bits of hundreds of gigabytes of music for a limited capacity player. Share your preferred solution to rating and managing your overflowing content in the comments.


    honestly, the half-star's unjustifiable as a ranking, its entirely too capricious and a few months later, you'll be largely ignorant of those half-star valutions and wonder why you would have ever ranked blur or radiohead as 3 1/2 stars when its now a solid 4, etc.

    it's better to use BPM ranks or moods aka. the playlist maker/breaker combo of potionfactory's tangerine & beatunes, but only if you have the patience to re-rank your entire collection again in a non-itunes way

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