Do Aussie Workers Need To Take More Holidays?

BeachVacation.jpg When you encounter a headline like 'Aussies working world's longest hours', you're likely to pay attention — especially if, like me, you've just come off a week with several 14-hour workdays. However, it turns out that what's actually being discussed is the unwillingness of Australians to take holidays. According to a Tourism Australia survey, one-third of us won't take official leave this year. Leaving aside the likely possibility that the whole thing is designed to encourage domestic travel now that Australia the movie hasn't given inbound tourism much of a fillip, I'm wondering: why aren't people taking holidays? Is it a lack of other people to fill in while you're away? Fear of being fired? A desire to have an insurance policy if you do get fired? Being self-employed and hence having no options? Share your non-vacation aspirations in the comments.


    I'm saving up leave for my Honeymoon in April. Apart from that I dont think I can afford time off this year. Doesnt look like we will be putting on staff this year and a week off equals a load of lead up work and catch up on return. Long weekends are going to have to be it for me this year.

    PS Can someone tell me how to get rid of this stupid cross hair thing following my mouse around on Hack and Giz?

    I take holidays as much as I can. Started my job with a 9 week Europe trip and 6 months later went to New Zealand for 2 months.

    I'm not sure it's the same as other countries, but I think a lot of it comes down to the standard 4 weeks leave a year really only giving you time for 2 weeks away on an official holiday (1 weeks gets eaten up from a day here and a day there running errands and such, another for time off at Christmas, which a lot of people don't like go away at due to crowds), and try to save it up so they can go away for a month or more.


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    I'm self-employed and haven't taken a holiday in 4 years. There's just always something to do. I know it is unhealthy, but it's difficult to let go because the to-do list never disappears.

    For me, I travel less because of the distance and cost.

    Before I migrated to Australia, I used to travel a lot more.

    Btw, someone should fix the cursor ... I feel like its missing events.

    I really only make enough to live day to day. I cannot save enough to do anything on a holiday, if i do take time off i wind up spending money i don't have. I've been trying to get work to let me cash out last years holidays... But they won't let me so i've booked a month in July. Gonna try and hit the snow for a week at least for my birthday. Good thing is i'll still have like 2 weeks left due to not going away last year.

    I'm currently saving up my leave from my two jobs so that I can work for a few weeks as a guinea pig being experimented on for medical research. That way, I'll have income coming in from three different jobs and not doing work in any of them.

    I have the same problem as canberracubicle. I dread taking holidays becuse I know how much work I will have to catch up on when I return. I'm a huge offender at work to (35 days AL and 7 weeks of long service leave) my boss comes over each week asking me when Im taking some leave. My answer "When you see me naked on the roof with a high powered rifle and a come hither look in my eye, you'll know"

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