DivFix++ Repairs Your AVI Files

DivFix++ is a cross-platform .AVI repair program that rebuilds the index file within the .AVI container to restore your movie to a functional state. DivFix++ can be downloaded pre-compiled for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The interface and operation is straight forward. Tell it where you want the repaired file to be saved, drag and drop some files to be repaired into the Source Files pane of the program and let it loose. Repair time was fairly quick on my mid-level machine and the resource utilization was lower than I expected. The program required no installation, just a simple unzipping, but beyond that I can't vouch for its portability. DivX++ is cross-platform and open source.


    MPC doesn't come with any 'extra' codecs.
    It just makes use of those that are already available to WMP, which means a 'codec pack' needs to also be installed to cover all the extra video formats that you might use.
    You will notice that WMP will now also play most of those videos that you couldn't before.

    That said, I likewise prefer MPC over both WMP and VLC.
    Although VLC is nice in that all the codecs are self contained in it's package and works very well as a portable application, on my USB stick.
    MPC is portable, but requires the host machine to already have the required codecs installed.


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