Dad's Around Hides Your Goofing Off

Windows only: Whoever you're hiding your goofing off from—we're not here to judge!—Dad's Around is a lightweight boss-key application that sports some handy features for keeping your activities private. In addition to quickly minimising every window on your desktop—one of the most standard boss-key functions around—Dad's Around has an extremely useful option to kill the foreground process. By unchecking the more tell-tale Minimize all windows feature and ticking the Kill foreground process box, you can turn Dad's Around into a hot key activated application-terminator. That instance of Firefox you're playing Line Rider in is but a keystroke away from execution when the boss comes calling. If you work for a company that doesn't understand that a few minutes goofing off here and there boosts your focus, using a boss-key can keep the man off your back. Dad's Around is completely portable and requires no additional files beyond the main executable. Dad's Around is freeware, Windows only.


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