Big Pond Health Is A Handy Resource For Aussie Hypochondriacs

BigPondHealth.jpg Big Pond Health is everything you'd expect from a Telstra-backed medical information site — it's glossy, it's loaded with multimedia content that doesn't count against caps for Big Pond customers, and it's even more loaded with disclaimers pointing out that "we do not give advice on your individual medical condition". But while it's easy to bring the snark, it's good to have an Australian-centric health information site (run in conjunction with the slightly creepy-sounding Virtual Medical Centre), given that the vast majority of information out there is aimed squarely at pill-popping Yanks. Indeed, much of the content seems designed for doctors, but that makes it seem more authoritative than the musings of Amber from Alabama.


    It's probably apt then that the site was designed by someone with ADHD. Absolutely terrible.

    C'mon, this is another Americanised 'health' focused site that is overrun with ads and sponsored by big pharma, amongst others. As a health professional, I would suggest Bigpond is not "Your best resource for healthcare information," but instead try the Victorian Government's Better Health Channel []; UK's Clinical Knowledge Summaries (requires registration, free) []; or MayoClinic (American, yes, sorry) [].

    Actually, there is an Australian site (VMC is a franchise of a us site) - it has been around for ten years and has been competing neck and neck with VMC and ninemsn for the number 1 position. OK, I am biased, I work for Better Health Channel but it is not for profit, no ads and honestly, we get so much positive feedback, it bowls me over.

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