Big Bucks In Travel Savings For Webjet

Big Bucks In Travel Savings For Webjet

Declines in air fares nothwithstanding, airline price comparison site Webjet seems to be doing OK. Steve Creedy at the Australian reports that the site has seen a 19 per cent rise in demand over the last six months. To be honest, I’m surprised that so many people make use of the service, because of the $21.85 in extra charges which it slaps on bookings — my inner scrooge would rather try and score the same flight direct from the relevant airline with that kind of fee involved.


  • Totally agree, I used webjet once, and couldn’t not believe they charged a $20+ fee..

    I may take longer to got to each airlines websites but you will save lots of money in the long run.

    Do not use Webjet.

  • No matter if it’s booking flights or hotel rooms, my inner scrooge will use these things as a comparison only and then just contact the place directly to see if it’s cheaper.
    Who wouldn’t go with the cheaper price.

  • i just use webjet to quickly compare the airline companies for the flight times i’m after, then go and book via their respective websites. just as efficient and a whole lot cheaper 😀

  • I too am surprised so many people book on their site with those fees – especially with all those $30-$40 fares in the last couple of weeks. Webjet is great – but I never book the fares on their website, I always go to the airlines own site. So far I’ve always been able to get the same flight. It isn’t much harder to do, only a little inconvenient if your return flight isn’t with the same airline, but a few minutes extra work saves me 20 bucks.

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