Being Made Redundant Can Have Its Upsides

ExitOffice.jpg Every day, the odds get better that you know someone who's lost their job, which is a scary prospect at the best of times. But there can be benefits to an unexpected swerve in your career path. The BBC News Magazine profiles four people whose redundancy inspired them to seek new and inspiring jobs. Insurance broker turned gardener Neil Miller sums up the benefits:

now I can understand how people can love their job . . . Not one day do I think I've had an awful day."

That might seem like cold comfort if you've just been given the bad news by your boss, but it's a reminder that changing careers can often be a positive step.


    Changing careers following a redundancy can certainly be a very positive step. One of my clients was recently told to "pack his boxes" based on the all too clichéd "last in first out" theory. However it took falling victim to the GFC and being pushed out for him to take the plunge and make a major career shift. Despite unnecessary comments from so-called friends along the lines of "but you're so close to 40 how can you possibly change careers now?", together we looked at his transferrable skills and he worked out what is really important to him, and suffice to say within two months he'd gone from being an overworked physiotherapist to a communications specialist within a major blue chip corporate. With the right approach, anything is possible!

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