Australia’s Top 10 Twitter Users

Australia’s Top 10 Twitter Users

TwitterUpdate.jpg Andrew Ramadge at has assembled a much-discussed list of the 10 “most interesting Australian Twitter users”. There’s certainly people here who are well worth following (including ones Lifehacker has recommended in the past like Fake Stephen Conroy, However, it seems to me that these lists are contrary to a basic Twitter principle: the most valuable people to follow are those who work in (or obsessively track) your own areas of interest, and that will be a different list for everyone. Thoughts?


  • I didn’t see a lot of those as standouts, and I think the best twitter users are those that make more of it than just “what are you doing right now”. I’m also no longer following Andrew Ramadge as I’m not sure if he ever got the point.

    Best twitter users in Aus have to include @TechAu and @AngusKidman. I agree with the Rudd recommendation. Other than that I think the non-Aus @ylnt crew, or stuff like weather services.

    Twitter is a bit more than a stalker service.

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