Aussies Happy Enough To Put Up WIth In-Flight Mobile Calls

Aussies Happy Enough To Put Up WIth In-Flight Mobile Calls

PlaneNuisance.jpg With more mobile phone accounts in the country than people, it’s no real surprise that Australians are enthusiastic about using their cherished device anywhere they can. A survey of 500-odd Aussies by Microsoft found that 53% were in favour of allowing in-flight calls. Most said they would like that facility to inform relatives of last-minute flight changes — though anyone who heads out to pick someone up at the airport without checking first online deserves to wait if you ask me. Amidst a sea of predictable stats about how younger people use their phone more, the other notable figure was that Australians still prefer numeric keypad phones to touch-screen devices, though only by a small margin (38% versus 36%).


  • No, no, please God no!

    Use the in seat handset and melt your credit card if you must but pleeease no mobiles! Going into the obligatory trance like state to survive economy on the way to Europe or the US is bad enough with out the crazy frog ring tone shattering what little sleep we can get.

    God help us all.

  • The survey must have only asked teens!! There’s way no any regular traveller would want to listen to inane conversations whilst flying around the country.

  • Three of the last bastions of mobile phone silence – Churches, The London Underground and planes.
    Since I live in Melbourne and don’t go to church, that only leaves one last place I can experience that beautiful silence…PLEASE don’t do this to those of us who preserve silence as golden.

  • The Underground isn’t silent on the many above-ground bits, and they’re running trials on the platforms as well. So your options are shrinking in any case. Though libraries tend to enforce the rule (albeit with varying degrees of efficiency).

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