A Mediterranean Diet Means Better Health, Less Sacrifice

The New York Times suggests that the best way to a healthy heart isn't the same rigid diet and exercise routine you're used to hearing about. Instead, they recommend a Mediterranean diet in which "the food is tasty, easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive, and an exercise routine in which "you don't have to sweat for an hour a day to reap the benefits." The diet in question encourages more cold-water fish, red wine, olive oil, and plenty of fruits and vegetables to discourage CRP, a leading cause of heart attacks. Photo by VirtualErn.


    I love it that people are realizing the healthy nature of the Mediterranean diet. That said, we have to recognize that we sometimes want to change what they are doing right to fit our own ideas.

    For example, no one there eats fat free foods. The cheese that is consumed twice daily, every day, is full fat, saturated fat cheese.

    In the Mediterranean diet Curriculum we teach, I find that even Americans can eat this wonderful food, and still lower their cholesterol in the process. You don't have to give up wonderful food.

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