3 Launches App Store

3AppStore.jpgThe Decoder blog points out that 3 is now offering an app store for 3 customers, presumably to compete with Apple's highly successful and similarly labelled offering. 3 isn't actually hosting the applications itself, so effectively it's just an index page of useful tools for its X Series mobiles. I haven't got a 3-equipped mobile at hand to check it out; if you have, let us know if you loved or loathed it in the comments.


    Is it just me or is the app store down?


    If you're talking about Three's offering: don't call it "the App Store". The iPhone is the only device with "the App Store".

    The problem with the 3 App Store (and, no, Adam, "The App Store" is not a trade marked term of Apple) is the same thing that's wrong with all the other carrier App Stores, namely that each will continue to increase the problem of fragmentation. What is needed is the ability for app developers to write applications that can run on all -- or nearly all -- existing phones, no matter which carrier. That's what we need.

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