YTPodcaster Makes YouTube Podcast Feeds For Your iPod

YTPodcaster.jpg YTPodcaster performs a simple function for iPod owners: creating a podcast feed of videos from a YouTube user so that you can watch them on your portable device. Lifehacker reader Craig explains why he built the site:

The reason I created the site is because I really wanted to watch my favourite YouTuber's latest videos on my iPod on my way to work and sites like would only let me subscribe to YouTube search results, and not a user's actual videos. As well as that feature, I also added the ability to subscribe to YouTube's standard feeds (e.g. Most Discussed This Week or Most Viewed Today) in a format that is playable on my iPod.

There's also options for building Zune and general RSS feeds for particular YouTube video streams, and a handy "download this YouTube video as MP4" option. One note: if your cookies are set so your YouTube links start with a country link (such as au) rather than www, you may need to edit the URLs to get them to work with the site.


    I have updated the site to work with the region specific URLs. If anyone finds anymore bugs feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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