Yahoo! Mail Upgrades, Plans 1GB Limit For Australian Users

Yahoo7MailLogo.jpgYahoo!'s local branch Yahoo!7 has rolled out a bunch of new features for its email, including a "smarter" inbox that prioritises messages from existing contacts. There's also the promise of 1GB of storage (for sharing files — email storage is counted separately) and automatic updates from your friends, though that isn't set to appear until 2009. Those options have also been made available to US customers; apparently Australia is the first non-US market to get the features. 1GB might not seem like much compared to Gmail's ever-growing inbox or Hotmail's tie-in to 25GB of SkyDrive, but as several of my colleagues have pointed out recently, Yahoo! can be a useful friendly alternative for people who don't like Gmail's threaded conversation approach. Yahoo! had de-activated my email account so I haven't checked out the new features in depth: if you want to praise them to the skies or shoot them down in flames, let's hear it all in the comments.

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    "1GB might not seem like much compared to Gmail's ever-growing inbox or Hotmail's tie-in to 25GB of SkyDrive"

    You miss the point the 1GB refers to filesharing not capacity. Gmail's limit is 20MB, Hotmails 10MB and I think Skydrive is a 50MB limit per file. Yahoo! Mail already has unlimited storage which is more than any Gmail account

    Umm, did anyone else notice the warning bells in that last statement: "Yahoo had deactivated my account". Now, I realise that most of these free email accounts have a theoretical deadline by which it gets terminated if there's no login, however, some of my gmail accounts I haven't logged in for ages, and they never get terminated. If email archives are important to you, then don't go with Yahoo. I've had Yahoo and Hotmail accounts terminated regularly, whereas my gmail accounts never seem to terminate, not once. (As you might guess, I'm a free email account junkie).

    I've updated to reflect that. Since the 1GB isn't active yet, we don't know if there'll also be some sort of file size limit. (There is also an acceptable use policy on Yahoo! mail, so it's not literally limitless.)

    One of my four Yahoo! accounts is my main use email account and I also maintain a 12YO Hotmail account. Gmail is my least favourite. I find Yahoo! highly featured including alias, disposable addresses and so on. I've changed my ISPs over the years but these accounts remain constant.

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