Windows 7 Beats Vista In Benchmark Test

ZDNet's Hardware 2.0 blogger stacks an early beta build of Windows 7 against 32-bit Vista (and an SP1 upgrade) on the same hardware. In three out of four tests, even a non-optimised Windows 7 trumps Vista. As Adrian Kingsley-Hughes points out, it's just one system's benchmarks on test that, for the most part, throw a range of apps at a system and see how they fare. But given that Windows 7 will likely be optimised a bit for final release, it's promising to see it beat Vista's speeds in all but one rendering-related test—and even that one was close. [via]


    Honestly I have to agree with those of you who believe the Next-Gen only comparison idea. I wish I had more to add to that argument, but I really don't, it's already stated all it really needs. Other than, imagine if you will, placing a high end V12 in a Geo Metro. I promise you it will be faster that whatever the Geo came with, the problem is it wasn't meant to be in the Geo. Nextgen hardware isn't meant for XP, it's old and outdated, and hopefully Win7 will finally take out the trash.

    And yes by the way, I was raised on Win XP and made the switch to Vista as soon as I could. I love Vista and have never had an issue with it that wasn't solved with a patch from some vendor or another. Currently I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 on 5GBs of RAM with an OCd Athlon 64 X2 running at 3.33GHs and a GeForce GTX260. Yes, I could possibly hit light speed if I were running XP, but you know, why go light speed if you can still go faster than you need in something that looks and feels better?

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