Why Google Users Do Stupid Searches

Yesterday's story on Google's most popular search terms inspired a lot of comments, many of the "why do people need to search for a site like Facebook" variety. While that might seem like odd behaviour to those of us who tend to type Control-L and then enter web addresses for Firefox to finish, it turns out to be very common. "41 percent of users are using Google as a navigation tool," Google Australia general manager Karim Temsamani explained at the company's Christmas media event last night. That explains why some people type in 'Youtube', but the popularity of 'Google' itself as a search term is still a slight mystery. (I like the theory that people type 'Google' into the browser search box to get at the Google site, but wonder if anyone who knows about the search box would then deliberately ignore it the rest of the time.)


    Searching for "google", in the search box makes total sense to me!

    Anyone looking for images, maps news etc., rather than web pages, needs to go to the google homepage, and click the link to filter their search, before proceeding.

    Using the search box to navigate makes sense too, as previous browsers didn't auto-complete in the address bar... so it became a habit to navigate via google. Since it still works, there's no reason to change the habit!

    i dont think its stupidness when u search google in google. coa nowadays everything is linkin to google, so maybe people wanna know more about google. i search sometimes google myself to get some more information, or some more news ab google.

    The rest of my family, for whatever reason, just don't seem to know how to use bookmarks. Fortunately they have discovered smart URL bars instead of Googling obvious websites.

    I designed a website for a guy, who complained that whenever he typed the domain name into the bar it didn't come up. I tested it, checked his spelling everything. Eventually, I had to go round to his house to see what was up - his screen was set to 640x480 so someone had turned off the address bar in IE and left only the search bar. He didn't even understand the difference, but the problem magically went away after a week or two when google picked up his site.

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