Where Do You Find Multi-Monitor Wallpaper?

Where are thou perfectly enormous desktop wallpapers? Our inbox is frequently stuffed with demands for beautiful high-res multi-monitor wallpaper, but the multi-monitor segment of users seems largely ignored. Where can we send our readers? We've covered sites over the years that offer beautiful high resolution wallpaper. When confronted with spiffing up a spread of 3000+ pixels however, there seems to be very little love to go around. Where do you find your multi-monitor wallpaper? No matter how well known or obscure your sources, we want to hear how you put a sparkle on your enormous bank of screen space!


    As a prolific photographer i use my own shots from around the globe/home/cube farm. 10mp+ images come up a dream, if there is interest i could throw up a site or at lest email them out. Let me know if you want some as I have 1000 or more from landscapes, models, cars and bikes. I own the rights to all and am willing to share :)

    Try http://www.socwall.com/ they have a whole section for dual monitors and other aspect ratios Widescreen and 4:3.

    Yes please, Jeremy!

    Smashing Magazine contained a number of excellent multi-monitor wallpaper links last week: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/12/10/50-most-amazing-dual-screen-desktop-wallpapers/

    High res and fantastic wallpapers can be found at www.socwall.com (social wallpapering)

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