What's Your Extreme Job-Hunting Strategy?

Reports of lay-offs by major employers are a daily event right now, so the odds that you might soon be looking for a new job are unfortunately higher than ever. Standing out from the crowd can be difficult in a competitive market, and it seems job seekers need to be more and more creative to even get noticed. I was struck by one Microsoft employee's plan to send out 1,000 resumes with fake 'read this' Post-Its attached, but something tells me that might be the thin end of the wedge these days. What's the most extreme (and successful) tactic you've ever used to score a job? Let us know in the comments.


    I have been a full time freelancer/consultant for about a year but recent economic conditions suggest it's a good time to get out for a while. I emailed the CEO of a smallish corporation I had done a few projects for and simply indicated I was available for a full time role if they were interested. A day later they replied, asking me to write my own contract and position description. I guess the lesson is that sometimes it is worthwhile simply asking potential employers for a job - it has worked for me time and again over the years.

    I keep reading that social networks are the way of the future when it comes to finding a job. Admittedly, I couldn’t ever imaging hiring someone that I stumbled across while on Facebook, but it got me thinking. While I’m still really happy in my current job (fingers crossed I’ll be keeping it, but in the current climate you never know…) I guess it doesn’t hurt to know whats out there.

    I had a look into a few of the “business” social networks (eg LinkedIn…..) but I wouldn’t exactly call it “Extreme Job Hunting”… I then stumbled across www.staffsearcher.com.au which taps into social networking and people who sign up refer people in their network for jobs that are listed on the site – then if their friend is successful, they get a referral fee. They say that the best candidates are not seeking new jobs, but many would take on a new role if presented with the right opportunity.
    I see how it works on the three levels: friend gets a job; you get some cash, while the business hiring is able to access a network of hundreds of thousands of potential candidates.
    A few of my friends have recently been laid off and I struck a bargain with them that I would spilt the referral fee with them if they land a job through the site.

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