Westnet Offers Unmetered Access To iView

First there was iiNet. Then there was Internode. Then there was iPrimus. And now Westnet is offering unmetered access to the ABC's iView TV catchup service. Given that Westnet is owned by iiNet, which is the pioneer of the unmetered approach for iView in Australia, it's perhaps a little surprising that it's taken this long, but now isn't really the time to grizzle. Like the parent company, Westnet customers can also now access iTunes content and Xbox live without chewing into their caps. Sadly, like many Lifehacker readers, I suspect Telstra won't be jumping on this bandwagon just yet.


    Yet there is nowhere telling us yet what the minimum broadband speed is required to watch these things as if they were a live stream. I am guessing a 1.5Mbps connection as a minimum but cannot be sure.

    It's broadcast loud and clear on http://www.abc.net.au/iview/
    "We recommend 1.1Mbps (1126 kbps) or above for optimum viewing"

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